Money is essential to be able to function in society. Most people seem to be coming from a point of view that says, show me the money and then we may listen to you. Therefore, this section will be about the money making ideas.
Money is perhaps the greatest common denominator. Everyone wants plenty of it. What is amazing is that a healthy pursuit of money also contributes to progress towards the so called higher levels of human development. Note that the emphasis here is on “healthy” pursuits, generally over long term which may STRETCH  across generations.
For sustaining wealth or happiness, we must also practice healthy thought processes , “self growth” techniques, and collaborative life styles.
Money has become life blood for ECONOMIC  functioning of all societies around the world. Just like blood in a living body, money must be kept flowing for it to be most useful. When people focus on accumulation of money, something akin to a social coronary artery disease easily develops in the money flow channels. As a result societies age and begin to stagmate, rather than progress towards the next plateu. Examples of plaque in the money flow channels haved been plentliful before all dpressions through out history; the most recently one was recognized around 2007 which is still being dealt with today in 2011 in western countries, with a high degree of urgency to avoid worldwide cardiac arrests.


Over the thousands of years, with population growth, social complexities evolved and people had to spend greater proportion of their time in the operational mechanics of everyday life. More and more people began to move away from their spiritual connections with other beings and the Universal Energy, which lead to a gradual deterioration in wholesome self expression of the individuals.
Naturally, the attraction for sciences with laws and techniques with deterministic outcome grew over time. It provided the physical level of reproducibility of results due to specific actions by anyone who could follow the laws of nature. To fulfill the needs of the masses, the science led to the discipline of Engineering. People began to rely heavily on what can be seen, proven, repeatedly verified easily duplicated. While with a reliance on Science and Engineering the mankind was better able understand the functioning of human body and mind, the benefit of spiritual growth gradually came down to be almost completely forgotten. The ancient wisdom of Vedas and later generation sacred creations was localized only to smaller and smaller groups of diehards.  ‘Modern Approach’ to life radiance is a holistic blend of the ‘Ancient Wisdom’ and a scientific way of looking at things . It is focused on delivering practical benefits that usually have remained hidden in intellectual discourses among scholars of ancient scriptures. The modern approach takes advantage of the mind-body processes as proven by the sciences, and turbo charges them with yet to be scientifically understood spiritual thought powers that have been dormant in most being.  Perhaps the most well known beginning of the modern approach is seen in the book entitled “Think & Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. An online version of this classic is available free of charge on the home page. What is interesting is that this book can also be looked upon as a simple practical representation of  the time honored ‘Ancient Wisdom’. The integrated knowledge, that comes from a holistic melding of the Mind, Body, and Spirit, is best assimilated via highly practical experiential exposures in a safe environment. At this site you will find offerings from The Sedona Method, Learning Strategies Inc., and a host of prominent researchers engaged in the human potential development all over the word. Ironically several of these researchers have spent time in India in search of ancient wisdom. Their presentations are easily assimilated and utilized to produce gratifying results in our modern society. You are encouraged to visit often to learn from the new additions and participations.
Note that money is not always wealth and neither are other  assets. We have all met people that have huge bank balances or a priceless collection of jewels, yet, they feel they are not wealthy. On the contrary, there are many of those who do not have big reserves and, yet, they come across as being wealthy. The latter know how to utilize assets to their as well as social advantage.
Success is natural
This is a Rohit Chauhan initiative for everyone, intended for those interested in excellence. It is dedicated to expanding awareness of Universal Energy among those wanting to be successful in all pursuits that benefit humanity.
We want to empower people to find their own solutions that are beneficial to their situations. Therefore, we will endeavor to expand self-awareness of our members so that they can become their own Guru, in preference to blindly depending on others.
Contents at this site will continue to grow from various sources, including interactions among the members and their sharing of experiences or qualified views.
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The Dalai Lama wrote an entire book on it: The Art of Happiness. “If you want to be happy,” he informs us, “practice compassion.” He also links happiness to cultivating a disciplined mind and making the best of our allotted time.
In psychology, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.